Helping to bring faith, hope and love

to those living with cancer



We are sorry to announce that the cancer group is in the process of closing down.

The final meeting will be on Monday 20th June 2022 at Linton Road Free Church ME15 0AL at 12.30pm

Further information can be obtained at any time by emailing


The meetings have a Christian basis and are open to all cancer patients and their carers whether or not they have a Christian faith.


They are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at Linton Road Free Church ME15 0AL near Linton crossroads, on the A229 three miles south of the town centre. Several bus routes pass the chapel which is near the Salts Avenue stop. There is free on-street parking in Holmesdale Close. Please contact us if transport is a problem.

* 12:30pm - Lunch together. Bring your own sandwiches (cake and drinks provided).

* 1:15pm - An informal service with worship songs, devotional ministry and prayer for those who request it.

The emphasis is on uplifting the spirit, encouraging one another and experiencing the love of God. There are no cancer talks and no-one is expected to speak about their condition unless they want to.

We believe that God will minister to all who attend and we will pray for healing and recovery whilst recognising the realities of a cancer diagnosis and the need to support those who are permanently or terminally ill.

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary          3rd February 2020





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Postal Address:
1 Brishing Close
Maidstone, ME15 9LA
Phone: 01622 761322
Meeting Address:
Linton Road Free Church, 157 Linton Road
Maidstone ME15 0AL